Your Ancestors May Be Sabotaging Your Financial Future.


January 25


01:00 pm - 02:30 pm

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Discover what’s really blocking you from earning more and what you can do about it.

Join Business Coach/Psychotherapist Diana Zelvin for an enlightening discussion about financial trauma, its origins, its impact on your profitability and how you change that so you can be making a whole lot more. This issue is rarely talked about even though it effects all areas of our lives!

Most of us are unaware that we have subconscious beliefs and anxieties about money that play a HUGE role in blocking or sabotaging our financial future. But none of that is your fault! We all had childhood experiences around money that informs how we relate to money today. We all learned implicit and explicit messages about money from our family and our culture. Many of those beliefs come from our parents and our ancestors’ experiences and their financial traumatic events that were passed down from generation to generation. This all shapes our relationship with money: how we think about it, how we feel about it or if we believe we deserve to have it.

We will discuss and identify the messages your parents and your ancestors unintentionally taught you about money and how that is impeding your financial success and future. We’ll uncover your underlying thoughts, fears and beliefs about money that unconsciously keep you financially blocked. You’ll have a greater understanding to why you avoid your finances, accumulate debt, overspend, are unbale to save or why you undercharge. You’ll have help releasing the guilt, shame and fear that money behaviors often cause people to feel.

You will learn how to shift out of a scarcity mindset (where lack and limited resources are top of mind), to create an abundant mindset where unlimited opportunities, resources and wealth are available to you and everyone else. 

Most importantly you’ll discover you have the power to change your money mindset and create a healthier, more fruitful relationship with money.

Key learning outcomes :

  • Identify the origins of the messages you learned and inherited that shape your relationship with money and are impacting your financial behavior and future.
  • Uncover your underlying fears and beliefs about money that keep you from earning more.
  • Gain greater awareness about what led to your current money behavior and how you can change it.
  • How you can change your money mindset and develop a beneficial relationship with money.

About the instructor:

Diana Zelvin is a Business Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist who has been helping people and organizations for 27 years. Since the start of the pandemic, she has taught hundreds of people in workshops, webinars and group coaching programs how to get unstuck, become empowered, grow their business and live their best life even during uncertain and challenging times.

A Brooklyn resident for over 3 decades, she is also known as a community leader who spearheaded impactful community projects and causes as a business strategist working with organizations on fundraising, growth and development for many years. She is a long-standing board member of the North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Diana received her Master’s in Social Work from Fordham Graduate School of Social Service in 1995. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and spent the first 10 years of her professional life as a freelance illustrator.

She did advanced training at The Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, National Institute for the Psychotherapies, The Institute for the Center of Contemporary Psychotherapy’s Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders, The Institute for Life Coach Training, Designs for Health Institute and Metagenics’ Institute for Functional Medicine.

Diana lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with her photographer husband, teenage son and their mischievous cats, Carlos and Pablo.

Email address:

Instagram: @dianazelvin

LinkedIn: Diana Zelvin

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