The Science and Art of Storytelling in Opening Statements


January 27


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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The Science and Art of Storytelling in Opening Statements

Jury trials are won or lost in opening statement. Yet, I often see lawyers – even great lawyers – winging it in trial. They shoot out facts like a firehose toward the unsuspecting jurors, who struggle to follow along.

There’s a better way – STORY.

I’ve created a story structure for opening statements based on proven brain science that is designed to capture the attention of your jurors and motivate and persuade them to help your client.

Come to this 2-hour course to learn how to:

  • induce curiosity by utilizing story structure
  • frame your story using the villain
  • build your opening using a five-act story structure
  • create moral outrage in your jurors that will motivate them to help your client

This program is designed for civil plaintiffs’ lawyers and criminal defense lawyers.

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