Social Identity and Implicit Bias


December 4


12:00 pm - 01:15 pm

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MSU School of Social Work

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Social Identity and Implicit Bias

Social identity is a person’s sense of who they are based on their group membership(s) (e.g., social class and family status). Groups give us a sense of social identity; a sense of belonging to the social world. Implicit Bias is when we have attitudes or stereotypes about groups automatically and unintentionally. In this course we will focus on our own social identities, types of implicit bias and how both may impact social work practice. Together participants will reflect on how to address these concepts that contributes to a thriving, more connected environment.


Beginning and Introductory skill levels.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be prepared to:

1. Identify and reflect on your own social identifies.

2. Recognize how our own social identities and the social identities of others contributes to our social work practice.

3. Describe implicit bias and how it impacts social work practice.

Instructor: Gina Tremonti Gembel, MSW

Gina Tremonti Gembel, Director of Continuing Education at the Michigan State University School of Social Work, holds a Master in Social Work with a concentration in organizational and community practice. She has worked in public health and other social service fields to assist groups in understanding health equity, social justice, and the social determinants of health so they can work together to reduce the likelihood that people are disadvantaged because of their race, class, or gender. Her skills include community outreach and engagement, facilitation, and the use of tools for collaboration.

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