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February 21


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Stephen Dela Cruz

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University Club Atop Symphony Towers

750 B Street, San Diego, CA 92101

San Diego, CA, US, 92101

RSVP NOW to discover marketing and sales secrets big corporations have been using for generations!

Increase your INCOME in 2024 by obtaining the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!

RSVP NOW to discover marketing and sales secrets big corporations have been using for generations!

Why is it, you will spend 1 hour to 2 hours with a prospect and MAYBE they’ll buy… Yet, big corporations are spending 30 seconds on a commercial or radio ad and make MILLIONS and BILLIONS? These big corporations hire hypnotist, like Stephen, to structure their marketing & sales process to get their prospects to SAY YES!

NOW, you have the opportunity to learn directly from Hypnotist, Life Coach & Business Strategist, Stephen Dela Cruz, C.Ht who will teach YOU the exact hypnotic process of marketing & sales to INCREASE YOUR INCOME IN 2024!

During this session, you will learn how to invoke emotions, create a brand story and MAKE YOUR PROSPECT FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU to say YES to your product / service!

Seats are limited to 40 attendees, RSVP NOW before all seats are sold! You want to be there!

“I’m going to train your competitors on these techniques or I am going to train you… The question is… Who do you prerfer has the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE? RSVP NOW” – Stephen

SAY YES NOW! RSVP for this seminar and you will be so grateful you did!

University Club Dress Code: Smart casual, meaning unripped jeans/denim are appropriate. No shorts, flip-flops, tank tops, graphic tees, athletic apparel, baseball hats or hoodies.

About Stephen Dela Cruz, C.Ht

Stephen Dela Cruz, C.Ht is an International Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, American Psychological Association recognized Life Coach and Business Strategist featured on Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and The Wallstreet Journal. He is the author of four international best selling books, written for countless national publications and host of the Life By Design Podcast with reach of over 21,000 subscribers.

*All sales final, but transferable. Light snack provided (eat dinner before or after). Bring a notebook and pen for notes, and ready to share your current “pitch”.

Here is a video recap of the last session at the Univiersty Club. RSVP RIGHT NOW!

Space is limited! RSVP RIGHT NOW!

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