Past Life Hypnosis Journey


February 3


12:00 pm - 01:30 pm

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Go on a Past Life Hypnosis Journey with Mayra Rath who trained under Dolores Cannon and is an Awakenpedia Partner.

Embark in a journey through your past life, merging Dolores Cannon’s technique with this cosmic exploration. Immerse yourself in the mystique of your multi-dimensional realities that exist beyond your physical reality today. Choose from a past life or future life, keeping in mind that all lifetimes exist concurrently.

Tips for a deeper connection:

  • Try to avoid eating meat for 5 days
  • Avoid drinking Caffeine on the morning of the session
  • MUST USE earphones/Camera needs to be turned on
  • Mindset is key…begin to connect with the higher self and ask to be shown something important for you.
  • The first part of the regression, you will be sitting up until instructed to lay down.
  • Use an eye mask or something to cover your eyes for a deeper experience.

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