Parametric LCA and ESG assessments and visual communications


October 19


09:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Chicago Innovate Tech AEC

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This workshop will explore the benefits of understanding and adopting a LCA and ESG concept and workflows

Abstract: We will explore and create parametric LCA and ESG assessments using the opensource Buildings and Habitats Object Model (BHoM) to define and review performative outcomes that introduce both quantitative and qualitative decision-making processes at early-stage design.

Description: This workshop will explore the benefits of understanding and adopting a “prototyping-first” strategy in our own practice by collaboratively discussing ways of working within LCA and ESG-specific areas. We will create parametric models using Grasshopper and will prototype performative outcomes regarding ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and LCA (Lifecycle Assessment) evaluations within this environment. This workshop will focus on two key quantitative means of building performance evaluation (LCA and Healthy Building Materials), but will also explore qualitative decision-making means through data visualization. This session will provide an introduction to the BHoM as the base tech stack, and will include sample model files within a hands-on, virtual workshop using code, diagram, and conversation.

Keywords: Open source, C#, BHoM, Design process, grasshopper, concept design

Software: (Provided by VM provider) Visual Studio 2022, Rhino v6 or v7 w/ Grasshopper, GitHub

Prerequisites: This will be a one-part workshop:

  • Some familiarity with Grasshopper is encouraged, but not required.

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