Let’s Talk Money | The Black Tax


November 11


10:00 am - 01:30 pm

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ad.do consulting

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Spark Coworking - St. Louis

6 Cardinal Way #Suite 900, St. Louis, MO 63102

St. Louis, MO, US, 63102

Join us for an incredible conversation about the complex dynamic between family and finances. Grab a mimosa, and let’s talk.

What We’re Doing: Providing a safe space for Black men and women to discuss and gain tips for navigating the challenge of achieving financial success and feeling a moral obligation to assist less financially secure family members. We will also explore its impact on our ability to accumulate generational wealth.

What You Can Expect: Guests will walk away with an understanding of the concept of the Black Tax, its origins in South Africa and how it came to be in America, and a perspective on how to navigate this challenge while still making strides towards generational wealth.

  • A dynamic keynote and interactive breakout sessions with Black women and men who are leaders in culturally specific financial coaching.
  • Brunch and Mimosas!
  • Opportunity to receive 1:1 financial coaching

Why This Discussion is Needed – by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox:

Here’s the harsh reality about being Black in America: The deck is often so stacked against you that the weight of it all can feel overwhelming — no matter your income, your net worth, or how much you’ve achieved. For African Americans like us, systemic inequities and generations of poverty can make it seem like whatever you’ve done is never enough, especially when you know you’ll have to help support relatives or make contingency plans for any number of scenarios out of your control.

Even for many higher-income African Americans, financial security often feels so tenuous, in part because of family demands and in part because that’s just the reality of being Black in America, where historical and current disparities loom so large.

But all hope is not lost! This workshop will provide a space to not only talk about this challenge but guests will walk away with real, tangible ways to navigate and overcome it!

Our Speakers:

  • Dr. Nikki Smith – Host. Founder and Creator of addo consulting and the Let’s Talk Money series.
  • Dionne Motley – Principal Financial Coach – Legacy Changers Academy
  • Martel Mann – Financial Coach – Mann vs Money
  • Jonathan Thomas – Financial Coach – Money Talks

What Your Ticket Includes:

  • Event Entry
  • Brunch, mimosas, coffee, juice
  • Swag Bag inclusive of custom designed t-shirt
  • Paid parking at Ballpark Village
  • Raffle entry for exclusive Cardinal’s jersey

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