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June 12 - 06:00 pm


July 15 - 11:00 am

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Liz Newman Functional Medicine

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New York

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Empower yourself with knowledge. Master these effective strategies to ease IBS, acid reflux & digestive pain.

Online Event via Zoom.

Have you been dealing with painful gut problems for months or years with no lasting relief? You’ve done the cleanses, the eliminations, and taken lots of supplements. Nothing seems to work? And if it does work, it doesn’t last.

Y ou must have a solid plan and stick to it – sometimes for months! Otherwise, you are chasing your tail and just want to give up.

B ut you cannot give up! You have a long life to live and who wants to be miserable for their whole lives?

M y plan works. Of course, there are outliers due to underlying conditions that can be a block to healing. Yet, those conditions can be discovered and addressed with the right tools.

I have helped numerous people get their lives back by following my simple plan. It is not always easy to follow, but also not terribly restrictive, in most cases.

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Don’t keep wasting your time and money on trying things that don’t work!



  • Everyone with chronic constipation or diarrhea
  • Everyone with pain in their stomach or abdomen – especially after eating
  • Everyone who is taking acid blockers such as Pepcid, Nexium
  • Everyone who has excessive gas and painful bloating
  • Everyone who wants to improve their overall gut health
  • Everyone with any chronic dis-ease such as diabetes and high cholesterol



” Liz Newman is a godsend! I lost 30 pounds with chronic gastritis from stress and extended use of antacids including Prilosec left me unable to digest food properly. I had three gastro doctors run myriads of tests. None of them could figure out what was wrong and they all insisted that I stay on Prilosec forever. It was even a patient at the Mayo Clinic. It took about 90 days of close contact with Liz encouraging me daily to be disciplined with a diet she recommended and supplements she suggested and stress reduction. I am gaining weight. I am pain-free. I am completely off all medication. I have my life back and I could have never healed on my own without Liz’s protocol. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Liz. You are a lifesaver! ” – Greta – gastritis and acid reflux – March 2023

“IBS was a problem all along. It was just two things happening that I didn’t realize at the time. Finally, after I recovered from the endometriosis, I continued to have problems and it was diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. So two things were going on but they were really only looking at one. My current primary is the one who gave me the diagnosis of IBS. I then went to gastro docs and all they did was give me medication. I just accepted it as my lot in life, not aware that there were other ways to treat it aside from medication. Basically, I just lived with it for a very long time. Until now. Now no meds. No diarrhea. Thank you so much Liz.” Jane – April 2023

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you get back to living fully!

P lease feel free to email me at if you have questions.

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