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An experiential learning workshop on trust dynamics with a combination of theory and simulations.


High-Impact Trust Workshop is an experiential learning workshop on trust dynamics with a combination of Theory + Simulations.

For All Members of the Organization.

  • Objective: Enhance leaders’ skills in trust science and risk assessment, speed up decision-making, and ensure consistent value delivery.
  • Content: Covers trust importance, definition, factors, levels, and traits, plus decision-making games.
  • Benefits: Improves critical thinking, trust in teams, organizational candor, and decision-making quality.
  • For: Mid to large organizations, especially those growing, diversifying, or undergoing change, and committed to trust and empathy.
  • Not For: Small startups, businesses with established trust cultures, or those not focused on team collaboration.
  • Signs of Low Trust: Low initiative, turf wars, defensiveness, gossip, tension, resource hoarding, fear of change.

“Empanetics’ workshop is a game-changer for fostering a culture of empathy and understanding.” — Kathryn DCamp – Ex. CHRO, Cisco

“It’s a must-have for any organization serious about strengthening trust and collaboration.” — VP, HR – Mobile Marketing Platform (Unicorn)

“Trust is the bedrock not just for the customer but also for the employees and every other stakeholder in our ecosystem. There is a strong interplay in these relationships and each of those relationships is built on enormous trust and expectation.” – Campbell Wilson, CEO and MD, Air India.


Care about details? Here you go…

Empanetics institutes a 3-step targeted method to build intra-organizational trust (a scalable solution that integrates with your organization’s culture building efforts and EAP program).

Step 1: – LEARN – High-Impact Trust Workshop – An experiential learning workshop on trust dynamics with a combination of theory and simulations. For All Members of the Organization.

Step 2: – ANALYZE – Trust Analytics – Deep perception analysis of each leader’s motivational drivers, relevant to organizational contexts. The resulting trust index is anonymously reported with actionable insights. For All Leaders.

Step 3: – SYNERGIZE – Trust Alignment – Conversion of actionable insights to actual behaviors through personalized weekly nudges (continuous micro-coaching). For All Leaders.

Let’s get you started with Step 1…

While we recommend taking the three steps for a measurable outcome, the High-Impact Trust Workshop is the right place to start and be a standalone intervention.

Workshop Objective: This workshop aims to explain the science of trust and augment leaders’ capabilities in assessing interpersonal risks, fostering an environment of swift decision-making, fired up work energy and consistent value delivery to stakeholders.

Workshop Content: We will cover the following topics:

  1. Importance of Trust – The critical role that trust plays in both personal and professional relationships
  2. Meaning and Process of Trust – The definition of trust and biopsychosocial factors that determine trust
  3. Vectors of Trust – The interdependent traits evaluated for trustworthiness
  4. Degrees of Trust – The different levels of trust that exist
  5. Decision-Making Games – For live experience and hands-on insights of contextual trust

Benefits of the Workshop:

  • All members will learn to apply critical thinking and overcome dispositional bias to approximate trust towards their peers, team and leaders – improving camaraderie
  • Organization-level sensitization on building interpersonal trust – improving candor
  • 10X sensitivity towards successful cross-functional collaboration – improving pace and quality of decision-making
  • Participants will receive a High-Impact Trust Workshop Completion Certificate

Who is this workshop for? — Organizations,

  • promoting Cultural Diversity (must)
  • facing Trust Issues; experiencing signs of low trust like dysfunctional conflicts, poor communication, or high turnover (must)
  • committed to Empathy and Trust Building, identifying trust as a key objective for organizational health
  • seeking Sustainable Growth and Innovation
  • navigating Mergers, Acquisitions, or Restructuring
  • aiming for Cultural Transformation; striving to create a transparent, inclusive work culture
  • Mid to Large-Sized Organizations experiencing transitions or rapid growth
  • Startups Scaling Up and needing to establish foundational trust among new and existing members

Participation: For All Members of the Organization

Who is this not for? –Organizations,

  • with well-established trust dynamics
  • lacking commitment to invest in organizational culture, leadership development, or employee well-being
  • with highly independent operational units
  • with a strictly hierarchical or authoritative culture
  • Industries not reliant on team collaboration
  • Organizations with less than 50 employee Workforce
  • Startups in Early Stages that are still in the process of forming their core team

The 7-Signs of Low Trust –

  1. Low initiative, consistent overpromising.
  2. Turf wars, strategic information withholding.
  3. Chronic defensiveness, mistake covering.
  4. Excessive gossip, clandestine meetings.
  5. Persistent unproductive tension, frequent turnover.
  6. Strategic resource hoarding, leadership power struggles.
  7. Systematic avoidance of change, inherent fear of conflict.

“Empanetics’ Trust Workshop was a revelation for us. It provided practical framework for building trust. Highly recommend it for all leaders.” — Prashant Sirohi – MD, Regent Digitech

“The workshop offers an incredibly insightful blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. The decision games are engaging yet challenging. What stood out to me was the practical framework provided, which gave clear guidance on how to establish and gauge trust effectively. The concepts of trust vectors and degrees were particularly enlightening and have already proven to be valuable tools in our leadership toolkit.” — Business Psychologist & Talent Lead – Multinational Bank

Let’s get going!

If you are a Startup India Registered entity, drop us a note at probono@empanetics.in.

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