Beyond TAP: Back 2 Basic


February 28


07:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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Renea Jones-Hudson

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Online Event

This is an exclusively crafted online course that speaks directly to the heart and soul of the military woman transitioning to civilian life

“Beyond TAP: Back to Basic Course” is….

🟑 Uniquely Tailored for the Military Woman’s Journey: Every module in this course is meticulously designed to address the specific needs, challenges, and triumphs of military women.

🟑 Transformative Skills for Real-World Impact: Prepare to turn your military skills into a civilian-achieving powerhouse. Each module is a stepping stone to tangible success and fulfillment in the civilian sector.

🟑 Fellowship of Empowerment and Solidarity: Join an exclusive community where each member speaks your language of service and sacrifice. a space where shared experiences form the foundation of lasting bonds and mutual support.

🟑 Platform for Personal and Professional Renaissance: This course isn’t just about finding a job and rediscovering yourself in the civilian world. It’s about equipping you with the confidence to explore new horizons, reinvent your professional identity, and pursue passions that may have been sidelined during service.

🟑 Continuous Growth and Lifelong Resources: Your journey doesn’t end here. “Beyond TAP” offers ongoing support and resources to keep you growing and evolving. The course is your springboard to a lifetime of development and achievement, from alumni networks to continued learning opportunities. This investment in yourself keeps giving, preparing you not just for the immediate transition but for a thriving, dynamic future.

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