AITalks 2024 Livestream


April 18


09:00 am - 01:30 pm

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Artificial intelligence unexpectedly catapulted into the mainstream over the last year — primarily with the explosion of large-language, generative AI models. Now, AI is set to revolutionize government operations and services in ways that no technology before it has. The U.S. government is at a critical point where it’s competing to set the tone for how AI will be used responsibly, safely and ethically across the globe while also leading in its adoption. At the same time, the Biden administration’s AI executive order has called on organizations at all levels of government to grapple with AI’s inherent risks and balance that with its many opportunities.

Register today for AI Talks, the premier event where top government leaders, tech innovators, and industry experts converge to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the public sector space. During the daylong event, you’ll hear about cutting-edge AI applications revolutionizing government operations — from cybersecurity to citizen services — practical insights on building a culture of AI adoption and overcoming implementation challenges, and how government agencies are mitigating unfolding risks associated with the nascent technology.

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