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CP Hollywood

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Join the virtual event where hit music producer CP Hollywood guides you through the 30 steps to successfully releasing music in 2024!

From the renowned music producer CP Hollywood who brought us records like Sukihana “Eating”, Trina’s “Million Dollar Girl”, Young Bloodz “Hoodstar” and 100’s of others is now hosting a once in a lifetime, game changing class live on Eventbrite. Join us as CP provides vital knowledge to the Artist community that needs to hear these secrets most!

Artists CP Hollywood What Will You Receive | All the knowledge necessary to function like a major label when releasing music in modern times. You will receive a FREE E-BOOK, 3 hour live training course and access to 6 videos (2-6 minutes) clips of music tips, ranging from mastering to what types of cameras to use for content.

What Will You Need | Whatever you’d like to use to take notes, internet access, be on time and be active during feedback and questions every15 to 30 minutes.

What is This About | We will discuss everything from Motion Graphics – AI to use – Distribution Platforms – Blogs – Record Pools – Streaming Services – Paid Services – Ads – DJ Promo – Drops – Radio Promo – DRT’s – Touring – Influencers – Easy Pay Services – How to Merch Bundle – Shopify – Email Blasts – Text Blasts and more.

What’s the vibe | This will be a virtual visual experience with CP Hollywood live from his own Studio! There will be an open floor for questions and discussion after every 15 minutes. This is a laid back learning environment, feel free to drink, smoke or do whatever it is you do. Just make sure you take notes, are respectful of the presenter, the guests and ready to learn the secrets of the industry!

Why | CP Hollywood, an artist as well as a producer has witnessed fellow artists wasting time and money on ineffective services. It’s time for a change. Many artists believe in misleading advice like “Focus on Spotify streams” or “Run ads on your videos.” This false narrative leaves them hoping for luck to turn their music into millions. But even if luck strikes, do you know how to sustain success? If not, trust these steps derived from 24 years of industry experience, including insights from labels, managers, super producers, and the latest AI advancements. These steps will streamline your efforts, save money, and prove to labels or investors that you’re deserving of a big fat check.

When | Limited Events Will Be Held Monthly and Spaces Are Filling Up Fast. Don’t Miss Out ON These Secrets Join the movement.

Where | Eventbrite (Live) Click Back to Your Eventbrite Link for Exclusive Access

Inquiries [email protected] – Subject Line “INQUIRY FROM _______ Your Name”.

www.cphollywoodbeats.com / www.skipthelineevents.com / IG @CPHollywood954


Please be advised that during this live class | party, all forms of recording are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, voice recording, screen recording, and any other forms of digital or electronic recording. We enforce this policy to ensure the privacy and intellectual property rights of the presenter and participants.

However, we encourage attendees to take notes for personal use. You are welcome to use personal devices like Android smartphones, tablets, or notepads for this purpose.

At the end of the session, there will be a dedicated time for answering questions. We look forward to engaging with you and addressing your questions.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines to create a respectful and productive environment for all participants.

Thank you for your understanding and participation!

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