Valentine Week Days

Valentine Week Days List 2024 ❤️: There is an atmosphere of love in the air as Valentine’s Week, the eagerly awaited celebration of romance, is here!

This adorable week-long celebration starts on 7th February and ends on 14th February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14th February.

This time of year holds great significance for couples, as it is dedicated to expressing love thanks to the heart-warming occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Exuberant celebrations mark Valentine’s Week, and each day holds a different meaning. Couples eagerly utilize these themed days to plan thoughtful gifts and romantic gestures for their partners.

From proposing your beloved on Propose Day, treating them to sweets on Chocolate Day, dedicating love songs on Teddy Day, making heartfelt promises on Promise Day, and cherishing togetherness on Hug Day, Kiss Day is special.

From presenting gifts, and finally, expressing deep love and affection on Valentine’s Day – every day of the week is a joyful celebration of love.

Valentine Week 2024 Day: February Love Sheet

The celebration of love and passion, known as Valentine’s Week, runs from February 7th to 14th. Each day of this week-long festival has a unique theme dedicated to the celebration of love.

Days set aside for expressing affection towards your significant other include Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day.

Couples can take advantage of the opportunity to express love and appreciation through unexpected gestures like exchanging gifts, flowers and chocolates.

This period is an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships and create new lasting memories with your significant other.

Make the most of this Valentine’s week by expressing love and gratitude to the people who hold a special place in your heart.

Which day of Valentine’s week is today?

If you have forgotten the current day of Valentine’s Week, then there is no need to get confused or panic. We are here to present you with the complete Valentine Week List Datasheet.

Day 1🌹 Rose Day Feb 07, 2024
Day 2💍 Propose DayFeb 08, 2024
Day 3🍫 Chocolate DayFeb 09, 2024
Day 4🧸 Teddy DayFeb 10, 2024
Day 5🤞 Promise DayFeb 11, 2024
Day 6🤗 Hug DayFeb 12, 2024
Day 7💋 Kiss DayFeb 13, 2024
Day 8❤️ Valentine’s DayFeb 14, 2024

🌹 Rose Day: February 7 (Wednesday)

Rose Day marks the initiation of Valentine’s Week. It is a day when people express the importance of their loved ones by sending flowers, conveying how important they are in their lives. During Valentine’s Week, time holds immense value for every lover.

The colour red, associated with love, obsession, and romance, becomes a symbol on this day. Couples exchange red roses, initiating the week-long celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Whether it’s a single red rose or a bouquet, the gesture speaks volumes about the profound depth of love and attachment shared between partners.

💍Propose Day: February 8 (Thursday)

Following Rose Day, the second day of Valentine’s Week is dedicated to Propose Day. On this day, lovers openly express their feelings to their significant others.

It is widely considered the ideal occasion to propose to a girlfriend or boyfriend and convey one’s love.

This day serves as an opportunity to elevate the relationship to a new level, whether by proposing marriage or simply asking someone to be a Valentine.

People express their emotions through various means such as gestures, poems, letters, or the classic act of popping the question.

A romantic atmosphere, coupled with flowers and chocolates, can enhance the special moment.

Propose Day is a chance to take a leap of faith, committing to a lifelong relationship filled with love and happiness.

🍫 Chocolate Day: February 9 (Friday)

The third day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Chocolate Day. On this day, it is customary for individuals to gift their partners chocolates of their choice.

Lovers express their attachment by presenting each other with chocolate bunches and baskets in a special manner.

Chocolates are considered the perfect gift on this occasion, as they symbolize love, dedication, and happiness.

Couples often exchange chocolate boxes to convey their love and admiration for each other.

Whether it’s a simple chocolate bar or an elaborate chocolate box, the thoughtful gift is sure to bring a smile to your beloved one’s face.

🧸Teddy Day: February 10 (Saturday)

The fourth day of Valentine’s Week is dedicated to Teddy Day. A popular choice among most girls, teddy bears take the spotlight on this special day.

Boyfriends celebrate by gifting their girlfriends a teddy bear in their favourite colour.

Teddy bears symbolize warmth, care, and affection, making them an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

Couples exchange teddy bears to express their love and mutual respect. A teddy bear remains a timeless and traditional present that is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Make this Teddy Day even more memorable by presenting your sweetheart with a charming and cuddly teddy bear that will be cherished for a lifetime.

🤞Promise Day: February 11 (Sunday)

The fifth day of Valentine’s Week is observed as Promise Day. On this day, individuals make heartfelt promises to their loved ones, pledging to be by their side for a lifetime and fulfil all their wishes.

Couples express their commitment to supporting each other through all circumstances, consistently being there for one another, and fortifying their relationship.

Promise Day provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond between two individuals deeply in love.

Make this Promise Day unforgettable by articulating meaningful vows to your loved one, intending to honour them for the entirety of your life.

🤗Hug Day: February 12 (Monday)

The sixth day of Valentine’s Week is Hug Day. Beyond traditional gifts, a gesture filled with love and closeness truly resonates with every lover and girlfriend.

On this day, there is a tradition of expressing love through warm embraces.

Couples share hugs on this special day to convey their deep love and admiration for each other.

A comforting and affectionate hug can bring joy and express emotions that words may fall short of.

Make this Hug Day even more unforgettable by giving your loved one a warm and tight hug that articulates all the love and affection you hold for them.

💋Kiss Day: February 13 (Tuesday)

Kiss Day is the seventh day of Valentine’s Week, which is on February 13. On this day, love is felt by kissing each other.

Couples share kisses on this particular day to express their love and appreciation for each other.

A kiss would transmit a wide range of feelings, from passion to compassion, making it a strong and personal statement of love.

Make this Kiss Day more memorable by kissing your loved one full of love, affection, and compassion, creating a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

❤️Valentine’s Day: February 14 (Wednesday)

Valentine’s Day, the culminating event on 14 February, marks the conclusion of Valentine’s Week.

Individuals celebrate this day in various ways, aiming to make their partners feel exceptionally special by dedicating the entire day to them.

It serves as a day to celebrate the love, passion, and intimacy shared between couples. Expressing affection through gifts, flowers, chocolates, and conspicuous gestures is a common practice.

Couples strengthen their bonds by spending quality time together, partaking in romantic dates, and crafting new memories that contribute to the enduring importance of their relationship.


Valentine Week Days List 2024 unfolds as a beautiful tapestry of love, weaving its threads through each day with unique expressions and feelings.

From the tender beginnings of Rose Day to the heartbeats of Promise Day, the week encapsulates the essence of romance.

Couples embark on a journey through meaningful gestures, mindful gifts, and cherished moments, celebrating the depth of their connections.

As Teddy Day brings cuddly companions into the spotlight, and Hug Day fosters warmth and closeness, each day contributes to the crescendo of feelings leading up to the pinnacle, Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

This grand finale encapsulates the celebration of love, where couples express their affections through diverse means, creating lasting memories and affirming the profound bonds that make Valentine’s Week a testament to enduring love and shared happiness.

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