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The Holiday Events season is invariably bustling, with parties and dinners to coordinate and extensive shopping lists to tackle. So, how do you captivate the individuals you desire to attend your holiday event?

The key lies in a blend of purpose, readiness, and data, as per insights from expert advice imparted by three event organizers during our recent RECONVENE Session: Mastering Holiday Standouts.

Below, we dissect the main insights shared by each speaker at the event to assist your event in making a lasting impression not only this holiday season but in the subsequent ones.

Sana Javeri Kadri, the visionary behind Diaspora Co., leads a direct trade spice company dedicated to fostering a radically equitable, sustainable, and delightfully flavorful spice supply chain.

10 Unique Strategies to Elevate Your Holiday Events

Start prepping early

Sana revealed that she places significant emphasis on holiday events in her schedule, prompting her to initiate planning for a year.

Coordinating logistics, such as importing spices globally, organizing PR gifts, curating joyful community experiences through pop-ups and virtual cooking classes, and maintaining regular communication updates, serves to generate anticipation and enthusiasm among participants.

Invite people in behind-the-scenes

Explore distinctive methods to engage your community, utilizing platforms like Slack, Discord, or others, empowering passionate attendees to organically promote your events.

This approach not only amplifies your reach but also keeps your fans engaged throughout the year.

Sana shared her experience, stating, “We initiated a Discord channel around 2 years ago.

While it constitutes just one to two per cent of our total customer base, these individuals are fervent supporters.

The user-generated content we gather from the Discord channel becomes the content we showcase on Instagram. It’s truly something special.”

Utilize your intuition, data and hospitality mindset

Make the most of your intuition, data, and hospitality mindset. Deliberately plan your events by collaborating with similar-minded organizations and analyzing data to determine effective strategies.

Additionally, communicate with your customers to understand their preferences.

Sana illustrated this approach, saying, “During the pop-up, we provided complimentary chai samples every morning because it was cold outside, and we wanted to warm them up.

I believe integrating the South Asian Hospitality Generosity mindset into what might seem like a routine transaction has significantly enhanced the overall experience.”

Pre-sell tickets ahead of time to poll who’s interested

Sana recounted a situation where her company planned a sari draping workshop, but only three people signed up, leading to an awkward scenario.

She acknowledged the learning experience and expressed appreciation for platforms like Eventbrite.

She explained, “We utilize pre-orders and pre-sell tickets for everything. If only three tickets sell, we know not to host the event. On the other hand, we have events with 600 RSVPs.”

Kae Burke, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of House of Yes in Brooklyn, New York, shared her journey with the nightclub concept.

Beginning as a DIY art space in 2007, it has transformed into a globally recognized venue and performance space.

House of Yes is renowned for hosting inclusive events that prioritize creating inspiring experiences for everyone.

Tap into popular interests.

After discovering that people enjoy going out dancing after Thanksgiving dinner, Kae and her team introduced a themed party named “It’s Giving! Thanksgiving Throwback Rave.”

Utilize a DMR (Daily Manager Report)

This process will assess walk-ins, ticket sales, and the traffic at the bar and food area.

Creating a comprehensive (and possibly publishing) recap of the party will aid in evaluating the event’s success and understanding people’s preferences.

Have a vibe-o-meter

Recognize that people may already have a full social calendar during the holidays, so consider organizing an event that is more relaxed and convenient for them. Stay flexible and take into account people’s energy levels and motivations.

“Traditionally, Wednesday nights were a massive hit. However, we noticed a decline in attendance on one particular Wednesday and thought, ‘Perhaps people are oversocialized.’

So, we transformed that into a private staff party as a gesture of gratitude. It became a thank-you celebration for our staff instead of attempting to host an extravagant party,” explained Kae.

Harry Weil serves as the Vice President for Education and Public Programs at The Green-Wood Cemetery.

Since 2016, he and his team have orchestrated more than 300 annual public programs, encompassing art installations, concerts, dance performances, walking and trolley tours, and immersive events.

Make people feel valued

One of Harry’s objectives is to create a welcoming and appreciative atmosphere. The crucial element is actively involving attendees to make them feel special, fostering loyalty.

“We aim for them to experience excitement and a sense of discovery. That’s why we focus on presenting the greatest hits,” Harry elaborated. “We have your attention for 90 minutes.

We won’t keep you captive, but during that time, we strive to showcase the best of what we offer, hoping it resonates enough for them to return.”

Gift people an experience

Contemplate providing an exclusive experience for your attendees. At The Green-Wood Cemetery, consider gifting someone a private tour, redeemable at any time throughout the year.

Harry also mentioned the possibility of adopting a tree in memory of lost loved ones or sponsoring a beehive, offering visitors a more profound connection with the venue.

Key takeaway: Utilize the holidays as an opportunity to showcase your offerings freshly and distinctively.

Expand your audience

The Green Wood Cemetery boasts a community of over 300 active ambassadors who generously volunteer their time with the organization.

Harry and the team actively connect with this cherished community through a weekly newsletter and other communications to foster relationships and provide support.

Consider using the holiday season as a prime opportunity to invite new volunteers to join this dedicated group.

For more in-depth insights, watch the complete RECONVENE video below, featuring Sana Javeri Kadri, Kae Burke, and Harry Weil.

To explore additional tips from Eventbrite’s ongoing RECONVENE events series, visit our recaps hub.


Celebrate with Sparkle: 10 Unique Strategies to Elevate Your Holiday Events” unveils a trove of innovative approaches to make your festive gatherings truly stand out.

From leveraging intuition, data, and a hospitality mindset to adapting to the holiday social landscape, each strategy aims to captivate and engage attendees.

Learn from the experiences of experts like Sana Javeri Kadri, Kae Burke, and Harry Weil, who emphasize the significance of intentionality, community engagement, and creating exclusive experiences.

By embracing these strategies, you can infuse your holiday events with a distinctive charm, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and ensuring they eagerly anticipate returning for future celebrations.

Let the holiday season be your canvas to craft unforgettable moments that sparkle with uniqueness and warmth.

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