Bulletproof Coffee Scam

By | September 13, 2021

Really Bulletproof Coffee Miracle Diet Elixir Or Marketing Fraud?

One of the most important vitamins fads in the latest years is Bulletproof Coffee. A silicon valley entrepreneur with the aid of using the call of Dave Asprey began out the “Bulletproof” application after

“spending a long time and over $300,000 to hack his personal biology. Dave misplaced a hundred kilos without counting energy or immoderate exercise, used strategies to improve his mind with the aid of using greater than 20 IQ factors, and reduced his organic age at the same time as gaining knowledge of to sleep greater effectively in much less time”


The maximum famous product being offered with the aid of using the Bulletproof corporation is its namesake espresso, which is made with the aid of using combining espresso from magic beans with 2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter and a pair of tablespoons of MCTs (a form of exceedingly delicate coconut oil) in a blender. Having this for breakfast can supposedly keep someone at a minimum till lunch, without extra energy consumed.

Interest in this product peaked in advance this year, with tens of thousands and thousands of humans attempting their good fortune to look in the event that they too should shed pounds while not having to paintings too hard.

Since there’s no scientific trial proving (or disproving) the efficacy of bulletproof, we are able to the handiest nation the subsequent factors on the way to consider:

  • The idea at the back of Bulletproof espresso is primarily based totally at the statistical effects of a test with precisely one participant (Osprey himself). Confounding elements encompass diverse overall performance improving tablets that Osprey took for over eight years at the same time as “inventing” Bulletproof espresso.
  • A serving of Bulletproof espresso has 400-500 energy, nearly all from saturated fats! While a chunk of saturated fats withinside the food regimen is OK, right here we’re speakme approximately two times the advocated each day amount, simply in a single cup of espresso!
  • Bulletproof desires you to surrender breakfast. That’s now no longer an awesome idea. A right breakfast gives you with a stability of proteins, fiber and fats, in addition to many nutrients and minerals now no longer to be had in butter and espresso.
  • While a few humans may also react properly to bulletproof espresso, others may also enjoy a pointy upward thrust of their blood ldl cholesterol levels. This is unhealthy.
  • MCT oils are pricey and don’t always assist humans sense greater satiated as compared to different fats.
  • Consuming three to five cups of black espresso a day – with out introduced butter or sugars – appears to haven’t any unfavorable fitness effect, and is even correlated with an extended lifespan.

So, is Bulletproof Coffee a scam?

You decide…

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