Event technology is now fully integrated into our event strategy. Even though many event professionals have been preaching about the multiple advantages of event technology for aeons, it has taken us a long time to realise them.

In the events sector, the pandemic hastened the use of technological and software solutions. Virtual and hybrid events depend entirely on technology. And as event planners were increasingly thrust into a technological world, many of them began to see the benefits of event technology.

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In addition, 73% of millennials are now in decision-making positions. Thus, they constitute the majority of attendees at business events and conferences. Their generation, as well as subsequent generations, were familiar with technology at an early age. For them, technology is an absolute requirement, not a lovely bonus.

Not only is technology attractive to our attendees. Event technology alleviates several typical event planning difficulties. It saves time, optimises event administration, and increases engagement, hence increasing the profitability of event marketing.

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