Events – whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person – are a crucial component in constructing an online community. And what better approach to generate ideas than by examining exemplary online communities with outstanding events?

A strong community is based on both its content and its people. It routinely hosts virtual events, roundtables, webinars, etc. Despite the restricted timeframe of events, the 365 community model extends the advantages of in-person gatherings across the whole year. The yearly in-person event is the icing on the cake. Individuals may participate whenever and whenever they like; they are not required to remain in front of their screens and endure virtual tiredness.

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Even event professionals are seeing the benefits of the community concept. According to a research, 44% of organisation members understand the growing significance of event communities. Event platforms are on the same page as they seek to commercialise the notion of community; by selling year-round memberships, they are inching closer to becoming full-fledged community platforms.

Yet, the majority of these event platforms lack excellent online community examples or case studies. However, the majority of online communities do not reside on a single platform, but rather are dispersed over social media platforms, websites, and podcasts.

Internet communities may be centred on a brand, common hobbies, learning, support groups, or fan communities. All of these examples of online communities place a focus on continually producing excellent material. Now, let’s investigate.

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